Still Perfect Cookies

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D-1 (South Korea)

Project Title: Still Perfect Cookies
Client or Class Name: Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities -

In Korea, the perception of people with disabilities as “faulty” or “defective” is pervasive. In Korea, 80% of people with disabilities have experienced discrimination in their daily lives and 95% have been the target of hate speech. To improve the perception of disability, we made cookies that look different but are still delicious. Likewise, disabled and non-disabled people might look different, but are all equally perfect.

Judge Commentary:

“Simple. Engaging. Effective. Glad you stuck with one simple idea and saw it through.”

“This is a great story, case and execution!”



Creative Team

Creative Director:
Dong-gil Kim

Creative Director:
Janghan Kim

Art Director:
Kookjung Kwon

Hojin Hwang

Eunu Choi

Art Director:
Eunbyul Son

Art Director:
Sea Kang