STELARA® Crohn’s and Drones Experiential Booth Activity

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McCann Health New Jersey (USA)

Project Title: STELARA® Crohn’s and Drones Experiential Booth Activity
Client or Class Name: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. -


In Crohn’s disease, a physically and emotionally debilitating inflammatory bowel disorder, many therapies boast about remission. But this is just a cruel term for the fleeting space between embarrassing flares. Enter STELARA®, the therapy that starts strong and stays the course. But in a crowded, satisfied marketplace, how do you get physicians to take a closer look at a game-changing therapy? How do we engage physicians differently?


We launched, quite literally, a game-changing booth activity. Within the unique Plexiglas® enclosure, physicians were challenged to answer branded trivia questions by flying a real drone onto 1 of 3 landing pads corresponding to the correct response. Crohn’s and Drones was unveiled at the 2018 Digestive Disease Week in Washington, DC, one of the most heavily trafficked gastroenterology conventions in the world. By disarming them with a unique, immersive, and competitive experience, we got physicians to take a closer look at STELARA®.

2019 Ambient Media Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Modesto Rodriguez

VP, Customer Engagement:
Scott Sisti

VP, Senior Creative Technologies:
Jonathan Stampf

VP, Account Director:
Doug Conetta

VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy:
Matt Sislowitz

Group Art Supervisor:
Heather Canova

Group Art Supervisor:
Chris Moniello

Copy Supervisor:
Asaari Karkhanis

Program Manager:
Tom Gilmour

Senior User Experience Architect:
Jason Brinkofski

User Experience Architect:
Sara Reffler

Senior Account Executive:
Elena Bagarozza



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