Sorry, This ad got Tided


Sookmyung Women's University (South Korea)

Project Title: Sorry, This ad got Tided
Client or Class Name: Busyness people - 숙명대학교.kr

Tide is a worldwide beloved laundry detergent brand that tops the list in America. It was voted the most trusted laundry detergent by shoppers, and it keeps coming up with the most effective recipe of ingredients to fight stains. In order to strengthen brand power and build favorable relationship with customers, it is necessary to emphasize the effect with creative and impressive idea. We used white image, which can be called ‘no image’ or ’empty’ as a print ad. Then put the copy ‘Sorry, this ad got Tided.’ The brand name ‘Tide’ means ‘wash out’ itself. This shows that the visual part of the print is gone, because the ad got washed out. ‘All white’ space maximizes cleansing effect of products. Moreover, it can solidify its brand power by setting ‘Tide’ as synonym for ‘wash out’. Targets will have fun with unexpected art and impressive copy.

2019 Poster Student Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Seohyun Lee

Jimin Lee

Art Director:
Eunha Oh

Account Executive:
Minhui Han

Account Executive:
Hyunji Ryu



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