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Project Title: Society Awards Anniversary Chocolate Packaging
Client or Class Name: Society Awards -

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To mark a decade of success, Society Awards–the company behind the world’s most prestigious trophies–created its own Anniversary Chocolate Bar. A lot of work went into developing the chocolate bar, but beautiful packaging was needed to land the project.

Viceroy Creative approached the project as if the product were going to retail market. Key design elements include marble pattern, premium metallic paper, gold foil embossing and custom photography.

The front of the box and sides are covered in a continuous marble pattern. This pattern hints at the rich, swirling appeal of chocolate and yet is a more literal nod to the marble used in awards.

The smooth, metallic paper gives the printed elements a luminous effect while increasing the in-hand appeal. This effect is particularly effective in enhancing the gold elements of the packaging–secondary text, marble veins, parts of the award image.

To bring the concept of a completely realized ‘brand’ to life, we designed a logo variant for the occasion–incorporating the original logo with a similarly stylized number ’10.’ We also used this new logo to design a custom mold for the physical chocolate bar. The logo appears centered on the front of the box, embossed in gold foil. The stylized ‘10’ is embossed in gold on the reverse of the box, as well.

The back of the package includes the image of a Society Awards trophy emerging from blackness. The copy on the back is presented in metallic gold ink and explains the importance of this event and the chocolate’s unique origin. Below the copy, we included accurate ingredients and nutrition facts–everything needed for market, less a bar code.

The investment in high-end packaging for this project acted as a message to clients that Society Awards is committed to the luxury way.

2017 Promotional Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Gabrielle Rein


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