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Project Title: Snuggle Scentables
Client or Class Name: Sun Products Corporation -

Sun Products approached LBB with a brief to design graphics for their new super premium laundry scent booster, housed in unique squeezable bottle to allow the consumer to use as much or as little as they desired. The graphics needed to showcase all the Snuggle equities and present them in a contemporary and fun way. Communicating the premium nature of the product, the enticing fragrance and the long lasting scents were all at the top of the brief. We knew we were talking to Moms 35-54, looking to add that extra touch to their families’ laundry at a great value. Snuggle needed to stand out with this new offering.

2017 Home and Garden Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Richard Palmer

Design Director:
Steph Simpson

LBB Design Team

Katie Lopez:
Account Director


2017 Home and Garden Packaging Design Award Winner


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