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    Project Title: Smoking Blind
    Client or Class Name: #SmokingBlind - smokingblind.com

    Are we #smokingblind to the truth?

    We asked this question to raise awareness about irreversible vision loss from macular degeneration and highlight a major way to prevent it—by quitting smoking. People know about the risks of cancer and death from smoking, but 76% of Americans are unaware that they could permanently lose their sight. Next to aging, smoking is the number 1 risk factor for irreversible vision loss, and we wanted to let smokers know that stopping smoking may help save their sight.

     Campaign Strategy:

    We started with a simple idea: what if we could show smokers what it would be like to lose their sight? From there, we created an experience to engage smokers and put them eye-to-eye with the truth. Using an iconic cigarette machine, smokers unknowingly made purchases only to discover the “packs” were covered with braille lettering. Inside each pack were glasses that gave the experience of blindness that will claim the sight of more than 1 in 3 people. Surrounding this experience, we built a social media campaign and asked people to spread the word with the hashtag #smokingblind.

     We held 2 events with our iconic cigarette machine with a goal of engaging 10 smokers to purchase our packs. In the end, more than 21 people discovered our braille cigarette packs and glasses. Many were surprised when confronted with the reality of losing their sight from smoking. Our success grew with our social media outreach, achieving 14,000 impressions in the first month alone. We plan to keep up the momentum and continue our efforts to help the world stop #smokingblind.

     Target Audience:

    The campaign provided general awareness with a focus on putting current smokers eye-to-eye with the truth about eye health.

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    2017 Ambient Media Campaign Design Award Winner



    Creative Team

    Mark Willmann

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Katharine Imbro

    Copy Supervisor:
    Fiana Jackameit

    Art Supervisor:
    Juliet Alvarez

    VP, Director, Design and Imaging:
    Jonathan Stampf



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