Skelt – Red Carpet Glow

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CRX Design (Brazil)

Project Title: Skelt – Red Carpet Glow
Client or Class Name: Skelt -

Visual identity system for Brazilian self-tanning range. The packaging presents a central frame — structuring the brand, the name of each variant and their respective benefits — which presents prints composed by the sum of mutable lines, of which metallic effects and different rhythms / gradations create an iconic visual system. The minimalist graphic language of the prints reinforces their technology and high performance and reference towards the fashion universe, bringing an aspirational language to the range. Besides this, the prints also aid in navigating across the products and their different benefits — from blue waves for a translucent water sun tan, to the phased effect of the gradual self-tanning, or the delicacy and elasticity of the strips for the anti-aging facial tanner. Product sales are via an online store, and specialized pharmacy channels. Thus, the graphic language reflects the cleaner and clinical aesthetic of the high-end cosmetics from the pharmacy channels, with a visual structure capable of ensuring strong standout on traditional shelf environments. On the other hand, its visual system formed by a variety of prints also helps the products to cut through even when behind a computer screen.

2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Art Director:
Luiz Sanches

Art Director:
Danilo Helvadjian

Art Director:
Ingrid Lafalce

Strategy Director:
Cristiano Vinciprova

Marcela Souza

Marianne Meni

Thomas Aguiar

Jonas Souza


2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner


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