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    Project Title: Simply Summer’s Eve
    Client or Class Name: Simply Summer's Eve - http:/www.summerseve.com

    Develop impactful package design that clearly communicates key benefits (ie freshness without  the harmful ingredients) in a compelling way for Summer’s Eve line extension – Simply Summer’s Eve.

    Project description – To launch in the spring of 2017.  The line will be called – Simply Summer’s Eve, and will include 6 items at launch.  The name, packaging structure and key claims have already been determined. LBB was tasked to bring Simply Summer’s Eve vision to life through compelling package design.

    Project objectives

    Key business objective

    • Problem – A trend, particularly among millennial women, to use more simple, natural and “free from” products, with simpler ingredient lists, however, they still want to feel confident these products will actually work.
    • Solution – Introduce a “simpler” line of Summer’s Eve products –same great odor control /freshness now with all natural cleansers and without the harsh ingredients.

    Key design objective

    Send signal to the consumer there is something new at shelf. Reinforce the simple/natural strategy

    Leverage Summer’s Eve core equities

    2017 Health and Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Chief Creative Officer:
    John Nunziato

    Design Director:
    Steph Simpson

    LBB Design Team

    Account Director:
    Katie Lopez


    2017 Health and Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner 2017 Health and Beauty Packaging Design Award Winner


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