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    Project Title: Sex Offender Alarm
    Client or Class Name: FrogAdSchool -

    According to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office in Korea, while the rate of first time sex offenders was 38%, the recidivism rate hovered at roughly 61%. So, ‘the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’ has created an Alarm-E to show the face and home address of registered sex offenders. However, our short-term memory duration is within 18 seconds. By Alarm-E, will it be possible to remember the faces of these criminals within just few seconds? Sex offender alarm informs the location of sex offenders when the position of the smart device is within 10 meters, and users can check identities of sex offender by using smart phone. In addition, your wearable device will vibrating right away too. Even though we do not remember sex offenders exactly, Sex Offender Alarm will keep us safe.


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    JiHyun Seo

    Account Planner:
    MinA Park

    Art Director:
    JaeYun Cho



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