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Project Title: See America’s Hidden Gems
Client or Class Name: Prevent Blindness -

More than 3.4 million Americans are legally blind or visually impaired. By 2050, that number is projected to grow by approximately 150%. Yet, half of all blindness can beprevented.

So, how could we encourage individuals to make eye health a priority? And how could we generate buzz around the diseases and conditions that cause preventable blindness? To inspire people throughout the country to prioritize proactive eye care, Prevent Blindness launched a national campaign that set out to celebrate life’s little joys and gems. Because it’s these little moments that should never be taken for granted.

Through its See America’s Hidden Gems program, Prevent Blindness invited individuals to post a photo of the joys and hidden gems in their lives on a custom website, deployed an interactive map, and published ongoing blog content.

But the efforts didn’t stop there.

Prevent Blindness also harnessed the power of social media to attract, engage, and educate the nation on the importance of eye health. To generate authentic and lasting brand awareness, a sound social strategy was developed and included audience personas, a competitive analysis, profile optimization tactics, ideal posting times on each platform, and more. Then, with the social strategy as its guide, the organization connected with both new and existing audiences by crafting social content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and by punctuating posts with a custom hashtag: #EyeSeeAmerica.We deployed organic content that was interesting, informative, and thumb-stopping, rather than content that focused solely on promotional messages. People across the nation actively engaged with the organization’s motivational posts, educational content, clever tips and tricks, and catchy GIFs.

In fact, on Twitter alone, the campaign’s organic tweets had 42% more retweets on average and over 30% more likes. Media views were up 166% on organic campaign tweets versus non-campaign tweets, and hashtag clicks on campaign tweets skyrocketed by 3835%.

Ultimately, through its See America’s Hidden Gems initiative, Prevent Blindness tapped into social media to tell its story, engage with its audiences, and inspire individuals to care for their eyes today to protect their vision for tomorrow.



Creative Team

Marcia Goddard

VP, Director of Integrated Production:
Jennifer Dee

Creative Director:
Debra Feath

Group Art Supervisor:
Ozzie Rodriguez

Account Group Supervisor:
Brian Kelly

Senior Copywriter:
Alana Massey

Senior Art Director:
E’lana Lemon

Senior Technology Strategist:
Christopher Hefferon

Technology Strategist:
Thomas Verga

Content Producer:
Danielle Rallo

Graphic Designer:
Derek Mikitik

Graphic Designer:
Jessica Korch



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