School Supplies Sitter

Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications

Sol Academy (South Korea)
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Project Title: School Supplies Sitter
Client or Class Name: Sol Academy - n/a

‘School Supplies Sitter’ is a service that sends the price comparison mobile screen of the supplies to the mom after the teacher inputs the supplies into the notice. The mom who receives the mobile screen can compare the price and delivery time of various e-commerce malls and pay for the supplies. School supplies paid by the app will be shipped to home until 6:00 a.m. the next morning. After that, the child can go to school with a ‘School supplies Sitter Bag’ which have the today supplies. Through ‘School Supplies Sitter’, Working moms will be able to take care of their child’s supplies and save time. Also, since the children has brought the supplies, they are no longer alienated from school classes.


Creative Team

Eugene Lee

Eunsung Jang

Art Director:
Hye-Seon Jang

Motion Grapher:
Se-Gwon Pyo



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