Save NJ Lives


McCann Health New Jersey (USA)

Project Title: Save NJ Lives
Client or Class Name: New Jersey Sharing Network -

While New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the United States, it ranks near the bottom of the list for registered organ and tissue donors. New Jersey Sharing Network (NJSN), an organization dedicated to helping save the lives of people on the organ and tissue waiting list, enlisted our help to spread the word about needs across the state. Those needs go beyond registering as an organ and tissue donor.

Our objective was to creatively raise awareness of organ and tissue donation needs in New Jersey and to change the conversation by letting people know there are many ways to help people receive life-saving transplants beyond registering as an organ donor. NJSN tasked us with educating the public not only about the need for registered donors across the state, but about monetary donations and volunteering opportunities that can also help save lives.

NJ may not be at the top of the list for registered organ and tissue donors, but it ranks 1st in pizzerias per square mile and love for neighborhood pizza. We harnessed this insight to create a campaign to spread the word about donation needs throughout the state starting on the busiest day for pizzerias—Good Friday.

How would we get the word out? Through the unique medium of custom-designed pizza boxes distributed by local pizzerias—the perfect tool for a pizza-obsessed state. We determined the number of people from each NJ town waiting for a transplant. Then we partnered with pizzerias across the state and determined the number of people on the waiting list within their delivery radius.

Custom pizza boxes displayed the number of people waiting in the local area with a call-to-action to see the number of people waiting in their town on the #saveNJlives website. To help the boxes stand out among the generic pizza boxes used at pizzerias, the #saveNJlives box art featured illustration of famous NJ landmarks from across the state that residents would find familiar. The result was a unique piece of artwork that gave residents around New Jersey a sense of pride in their communities—one that inspired them to help their neighbors in need of life-saving transplants.

2017 Promotional Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

EVP, Executive Creative Director:
Juan Ramos

Creative Director:
Luke Waldrum

VP, Associate Creative Director, Art:
Susan Schickedanz

Group Art Supervisor:
David Petracca

Director of Art Buying:
Marialys Mullery

Manager of Print Production:
Tom Weid

Strategic Planner:
Ryan Benz

SVP, Strategic Planning Director:
Laura Morrison

EVP, Managing Director:
Kristy Caraballo

Senior Account Executive:
Jennifer Ward

Project Manager:
Sarah Scognamiglio

Project Coordinator:
Joseph Ufer

Digital Imaging Specialist:
Harold Wilson

Digital Imaging Group Supervisor:
Norbert Skowyra

Multimedia Design Lead:
Christopher Romano

Technical Project Manager:
Kyle Albanese

Technology Lead:
William Martin

Craft Health - Tech Lead:
Jason English

Craft Health - Software Engineer:
Louis Mitchell

Craft Health - Senior Digital Producer:
Majdoline Bashir

Digital Illustration Agency:
Ars Thanea



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