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    Project Title: San Diego Convention Center FY16 Annual Report
    Client or Class Name: San Diego Convention Center Corporation - https://visitsandiego.com

    Historically, annual reports are filled with copious amounts of text and numbers. They can generally appear as difficult to understand, if one does not have a financial background. The San Diego Convention Center Corporation’s Communications Department has made a strategic decision to utilize more photos and infographics to tell our financial story. This decision to rely on imagery, a bright color palette and engaging font design came after a roundtable discussion show-and-tell session of other organizations annual reports. A review of best practices showed a growing trend to incorporate infographics. As the cornerstone of San Diego’s third largest industry – tourism and hospitality – the 2.6 million-square-foot San Diego Convention Center is responsible for bringing hundreds of thousands of out-of-town guests to the region each year through conventions, meetings and conferences.  Visitors generate millions in tax revenues for the City of San Diego, helping to pay for basic city services, including police and fire protection to street, park and beach maintenance. Click image for entry

    2017 Digital Annual Report Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    San Diego Convention Center Corporation Communications Team

    Executive Director of Communications:
    Barbara Moreno

    Lead Graphic Designer:
    Oliver Yambao

    Graphic Design Specialist & Digital Analyst:
    Geri Koenig



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