• Safety Statues by Volvo

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    Project Title: Safety Statues by Volvo
    Client or Class Name: Head to Head Class - www.miamiadschool.com/advertising-school/mumbai

    Indian roads are deadlier than terrorists. They kill more than 350 people every day. But, drivers still don’t care for safety precautions or government regulations and continue driving rashly. This was a major challenge for Volvo, the pioneer of road safety who wanted to make its presence felt in Indian markets. So, if the drivers don’t listen to their families or officials, who will they adhere to? GOD? Yes. India is the world’s most religous country and every Indian vehicle has the statue of a deity, placed as a lucky charm. This is so prominent that when someone buys a new vehicle, the first thing they do is take it to a prayer house to place the idol. Volvo seeked helped fromt he almighty, and made the statues narrate safety instructions. Which converted precautions into commandment, making God a pro-active protector.



    Creative Team

    Deep Chhabria

    Art Director:
    Santh Kothot



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