Safe delivery

Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications

Sungshin Women's University (South Korea)

Project Title: Safe delivery
Client or Class Name: Sungshin Women's University -

According to the “Social indicator of South Korea in 2014” by National Statistics Office, there were 26,919 sexual assault cases in 2013, a steep increase of 26.1% than the previous year. Safe delivery is a system that brings women home safely along with the motorcycle that is on delivery at night, which is the time that women are more exposed to crimes. when passing by a scary side street, Enter your current location and destination in the application. A delivery motorcycle driver will soon come to where the woman is located. the woman can return home safe with the motorcycle driver.If you make an order for chicken, you can go with it. Women passing by a scary side street can go through safely with no fear of it


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Song jisoo

jiung jeong

Art Director:
Jae Young Han

Art Director:
Kwang Hyun Kim



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