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Mobile Applications

Sol Academy (South Korea)
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Project Title: Safe Date
Client or Class Name: Sol Academy - n/a

Safe Date’ is a service that helps you to date in a safe zone with person who matched with a dating app. Places where there is a large population of people, where police can be dispatched within 15 minutes are typical dating sites. ‘Safe Date’ also recommends restaurants and movie theaters in Safe Zone. If the possibility of you leaving the safe zone is detected, a message of caution will be sent. And If you leave the safe zone, a message is sent to the friend and reported to the police. So you can enjoy a protected date with a matching partner and can quickly get your initial response when an accident occurs through the ‘Safe Date’.


Creative Team

Copy Writer:
Eugene Lee

Video Editor:
Wonyoung Seo

Art Director:
Seungeun Lee

Motion Grapher:
Ranyoung Jang



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