• Rocket League – Close One!

    In Theater Commercials

    Layer Media (United States)

    Project Title: Rocket League – Close One!
    Client or Class Name: Psyonix - https://psyonix.com

    When you’re totally obsessed with a game like Rocket League, hours spent playing tend to bleed into your reality. That was the insight driving this thirty-second broadcast spot. We wanted to take Rocket League off the screen and into the real world. Crossing that boundary not only paid homage to that feeling every gamer has had when games and reality start to fuse, it also allowed us to dramatize the game’s features in fun and surprising ways. Fans love that Rocket League allows them to bring their own brand of weird into the world of Rocket League with a huge —and sometimes pretty out there—range of customization options for their cars. The strategy centered around telling that story in a way that felt authentic to the gamers we knew were playing this game. While some games appeal to more niche audience, Rocket League’s broad appeal has come to be beloved by fans of all kinds — even the ones who love pigeons. We aren’t here to judge.


    Creative Team

    Creative Director / Director:
    Brennan Ieyoub

    Executive Producer:
    Sean Rivers

    Line Producer:
    Kimberly Parker

    Director of Photography:
    Colin McAuliffe

    Visual Effects:
    Sam Blacomb / Rainfall Films

    Chris Martin

    Sound Design:
    Craig Beridon

    Prop Fabricator:
    Don Beis