Röckenwagner Bakery Website Redesign

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Project Title: Röckenwagner Bakery Website Redesign
Client or Class Name: Röckenwagner Bakery - https://rockenwagner.com

Following a brand redesign with The Creative Pack’s help, Röckenwagner Bakery decided it was time for a website refresh. Röckenwagner Bakery takes pride in delivering fresh artisan bread, pretzels, pastries using only clean, all natural ingredients. The best way to translate this dedication and innovation was through a new website featuring a new brand voice: fresh, innovative, natural, clean, and unique. At first glance, the old website lacked the energy and visual story needed to engage audiences. The outdated site needed major improvements in aesthetics, framework, and function. From the existing structure, this was Röckenwagner’s opportunity for growth and revival as a brand. The goal was to create a website curated specifically with the consumer in mind. By constructing a cleaner, more contemporary design, audiences can experience improved legibility and intuitive navigation through the site. But most importantly, through this redesign, customers can form a bond with a brand that they trust and love. To present a strong, identifiable brand, the newly redesigned website features consistent branding all throughout the site. For a clean, modern style, the website uses plenty of white space for an airy, bright feeling. Pairing this aesthetic, the photography features bright, saturated imagery that leaves audiences craving for more. As for the overall framework and visual hierarchy, this new platform presents an easy and pleasing experience through simple navigational tools and clearly-marked page sections.

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2019 Consumer Website Design Award Winner

Judge Commentary: “Dammit. This site made me crazy hungry. Good job.”


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Danielle Beal

Heather Storie

Emma Tung

Hailee Repko

Web Developer:
Matt Davis

Project Manager:
Fern Serna