RIP Seating

Alternative Media
Guerrilla Marketing

Project Title: RIP Seating
Client or Class Name: Head to HEad -

Opioid abuse is a major epidemic affecting people in all parts of the World. We needed a way to show how this affects anybody and everybody on a large global scale, so we decided to use the biggest and most watched sporting event on Earth: The World Cup.

Steering away from spending on large media and instead partnering with FIFA to allocate our budget on reserving a section of the stadium. This seating section would be closed off and empty, only covered with a link to the campaign website, telling stories about all the fans that could have been there but aren’t with us anymore.

2018 Guerrilla Marketing Student Design Award Winner 2018 Guerrilla Marketing Student Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Art Director:
Marcelo Shalders

Ioannis Kalormakis



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