“Reported by a Tyrant”

New Media
Social Media

Project Title: “Reported by a Tyrant”
Client or Class Name: Portfolio Program - www.miamiadschool.com

Amnesty International is eager to attract the support and participation of millennial young adults. As a segment, they are some of the most active and outspoken—and yet, most are completely unaware of injustices committed in countries with repressive regimes.

Our case study intends to bring awareness to these injustices by relating them to the lives of our target via innovative use of social media. By directly showing millennials how many of their liberties (such as gender mixing, same-sex relationships and female driving) are forbidden in other parts of the world, we encourage them to take action.


Creative Team

Art Director:
Joao Magalhaes

Art Director:
Zuheir Kotob

Humberto Belli



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