Reddi Wip

Food & Beverage

Davis (Canada)

Project Title: Reddi Wip
Client or Class Name: Conagra Brands -

PSHHHT. A simple sound with immediate meaning. Instantly recognizable, calling to mind the swirl of whipped cream that transforms desserts, breakfasts and drinks. But it’s more than that, really. It’s the experience; and this is what inspired the rebrand of Reddi Wip. The challenge was to re-assert the Reddi Wip experience with consumers, solidifying its place as the brand of choice for family moments. Consumers are all about enjoying the moments of Reddi Wip. Sure, it’s got to be creamy, light and delicious too. But even more, Reddi Wip is about the memories we create with the people we love during the times that matter most. It’s about turning the everyday into “Remember that day?” When it comes to packaging, this transformation involved removing the generic and expected depictions of food and taking things to the next level. We want to be inspired. So, let’s bring it back to the moment of Reddi Wip. Let’s hero the fun: from the creativity that explodes as you spray different shapes and words, to the happiness that comes from sharing great memories. The can, and the brand as a whole, becomes a symbol of the experience: those ordinary moments that turn into the extraordinary, and it all starts with a “PSHHT”.

2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

VP Creative Director:
Mark Roberts

Design Director:
John Hogenbirk


2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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