Quaker 140th Anniversary Mailer

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Project Title: Quaker 140th Anniversary Mailer
Client or Class Name: PepsiCo - www.pepsico.com

2x Award Winner

Food & Beverage Packaging Design – Gold Award
Promotional Packaging Design – Silver Award

For 140 years, Quaker has been dedicated to delivering real nutrition by providing delicious oats of the highest quality to more people in more ways. Quaker founder Henry Parsons Crowell founded the company on the belief that everyone, everywhere should have access to good nutrition. From the start, Quaker pioneered innovative milling technologies which cut hours off the cooking time of oats and brought them to families everywhere, giving them an accessible, nutritious breakfast. Since then, the brand has been unlocking the nutritional power of the oat.

Quaker is a brand that was always ahead of its time. As the first trademarked breakfast cereal, Quaker’s heritage is rooted in craftsmanship, authenticity and creativity. The brand’s innovative approach to marketing educated consumers directly on the nutritional benefit of oats, marking a new era in empowering consumer choice. Quaker was the first brand to feature a recipe on the packaging, utilize its now iconic round canister, and make a food-specific heart health claim. All of these elements are present and reinterpreted in the anniversary packaging.

This branded mailer experience aimed to reestablish Quaker in a contemporary way, highlighting natural and artisanal taste appeal along with functional nutrition benefits that strengthen the brand. The 140th anniversary promotion was an opportunity to highlight the Quaker story with nods back to 1877. The mailer features a limited edition canister design, popular oat recipes, and a timeline of Quaker’s history to remind people how far the brand has come. The mailer was distributed to health and wellness, food, and lifestyle media to give them a better understanding of the rich history of Quaker, recast in a modern way and creates excitement around the brand.

Judge Commentary: “Beautifully done mailer!” and “Amazing!”


2018 Promotional Packaging Design Award Winner


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2018 Promotional Packaging Design Award Winner 2018 Promotional Packaging Design Award Winner 2018 Promotional Packaging Design Award Winner


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