• Please pick up some sunblock

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    Project Title: Please pick up some sunblock
    Client or Class Name: advertising / PUKYONG NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - www.pknu.ac.kr/usrEngIndex.do

    There is a resting bench on a passage under ultraviolet rays. People are taking a rest sitting on the bench. However, they suffer from strong ultraviolet radiation. That’s when they notice a print that looks like a sunblock on the bottom of the bench. On the wall next to it is a person reaches out his hand, asking someone to pick up the sunblock. The person sitting on the bench picks it up in curiosity and brings it to the image of the person who reaches out his hand.This action automatically leads to setting up a banner and the bench is shaded by the banner. Putting on some Nivea sunblock under the shade created when bringing the sunblock to the person who asks for it naturally indicates that one can avoid ultraviolet rays as if he were in shade.

    2018 Ambient Media Student Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Hyeondeok Kim



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