Playtex Stella

Health and Beauty

Bridgemark (Canada)

Project Title: Playtex Stella
Client or Class Name: Edgewell Personal Care -

Discreet, yet sleek, Stella is for the millennial woman who always wants to look and feel her best, while keeping certain personal things, personal. Playtex as a brand is not shy when it comes to periods, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a lot about the process that can be….well…less than glamourous. Even the walk to the bathroom can be self-conscious – not everyone wants to be heard or seen carrying a crinkly and awkward tampon. Playtex’s new premium tampon zeroed in on the idea of discretion, resulting in a dramatically simple design with feminine highlights. Just like the brand’s purpose, the package carries a sense of mystery. Stella is understated and yet equally dramatic in its unexpected reveal. The minimalist black exterior is subtle and premium, while the bold pink dot brings forward the confidently feminine Playtex personality. Another layer of the brief included the brand’s launch exclusively on Amazon; therefore, the brand needed to consider this online retail environment, optimizing a design that would stand out on screen. With a classy script, elegant matte finish and choice varnish, Stella promotes sophistication…all month long.

2019 Health Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

VP Creative Director:
Cory Roberts


2019 Health Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Health Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Health Packaging Design Award Winner


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