Planned Parenthood – Secretly Safe

Alternative Media
Guerrilla Marketing

Project Title: Planned Parenthood – Secretly Safe
Client or Class Name: Wordsmithing Program -

The brief we were given was to create a campaign for a non-profit organization, so we picked an organization that has been in trouble lately but has a job that deserves real recognition. Contraception is extremely important in an age where teen pregnancy is higher than it has ever been. We know we can’t stop young teenagers from having sex — we don’t want to mess with all those hormones. We want them to be safe, and they want to be safe too. So what’s stopping them? Embarrassment. They feel the way we felt when we bought out first condom. So Planned Parenthood and Trojan condoms come together to help them stay Secretly Safe. A campaign to help young adults overcome the barrier of embarrassment and easily purchase protection – because nobody feels weird about buying chocolate.


Creative Team

Tanvi Tandon

Art Director:
Liudmila Kulibaba



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