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Project Title: Pizza Roulette
Client or Class Name: Mondelez -

We know that Philadelphia cream cheese is more than a topping for crackers: it’s an awesome cooking ingredient. And it goes well with everything. Part of our mission with consumers in Brazil is to explore how versatile this ingredient is and stimulate them to try new recipes using Philadelphia. That’s why we paired it up with one of the world’s favorite food: pizza!

Pizza Day is celebrated on July 10th in Brazil and we decided that Philadelphia had to be remembered in the most delicious way possible. So, along with Dídio Pizza, one of Brazil’s largest pizza chains, we created Philadelphia-flavored pizzas and came up with a digital interaction to capture consumers’ attention.

That’s how we created the pizza roulette: an animated gif in which a pizza roulette kept going until you hit pause. If you were lucky, you would get the exact frame where the Philadelphia flavor appeared. Then you had to print screen it and post on the comments to get a free pizza.

Well, everybody likes pizza. But everybody loves free pizza. So what happened next? Over 1,5 million people were reached and more than 150.000 interacted with the brand on social media. Over 100 free pizzas were delivered. And people enjoyed Philadelphia pizzas more than ever. Now that’s an awesome pizza day!


Creative Team

Marcelo Tripoli

Creative Director:
Thiago Lucci

Associate Creative Director:
Daniel Portuga

Senior Copywriter:
Priscila Sousa

Lara Rangel / Marconi Filho

Senior Art Director:
Fernando Dutra

Art Director:
Renato Gusmão

Motion Designer:
Eduardo Terrataca

Film Editor:
Jorge Jr.

Account Director:
Flávia Denser

Account Client:
Maurício Rodrigues / Elizabeth Cristine

Project Manager:
Juliana Bonaldo / Ricardo Montovani

Community Manager:
João Marcon

Thaís Coelho

Marcos Fernandes / Marcelo Miúdo

Luíz Alberto Tatu

Client Approval:
Juliano Rodrigues / Vinicius Delmont / Juliana Senatore



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