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    Mobile Applications

    Hongik University (South Korea)

    Project Title: Pico – Pick your cosmetics
    Client or Class Name: PRACTICE DESIGN STUDIO (1) - www.hongik.ac.kr

    As the cosmetics market grows in size in recent years. The number of Cosmetics-related contents has also increased and people’s interest in cosmetics and beauty is also rising. However, as there are few consumers who settle and find the right cosmetics fits to themselves, A new word Beauty Nomad has appeared.Among the various beauty-related contents that are pouring out, however, consumers are having trouble finding reliable information. So we introduce Pico РPick your cosmetics. Pico is an application for people who have trouble in choosing cosmetics. Pico analyzes cosmetics that you register and evaluate. Then Pico recommends suitable cosmetics for you, based on big data. Through Pico, you can subjectively find suitable cosmetics by yourself.


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Juhee Lee

    Creative Director:
    Yeonwon Cho


    2017 Student Business App Design Award Winner 2017 Student Business App Design Award Winner


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