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Project Title: Philips Digital Imaging
Client or Class Name: Philips Healthcare -

The specific objective of these assignments was to create experiences that were different than the typical, long-form body copy and downloadable PDF of your average healthcare product marketing sites. We wanted to move away from an ‘elibrary’ of product documentation and instead create something that would better pay off ten minutes of a busy clinician’s time.

So we captivated a user with a hook/line and an intriguing visual they could virtually ‘scan’ a patient to see the difference between traditional scan technologies and the new machines from Philips Healthcare. We also clearly articulate ‘how it works’ so customers can understand each machine’s unique benefits and specs.

For Vereos, the world’s first digital PET machine, we created an experience that entices the audience to compare real digital PET images across cardiology, radiology and neurology to traditional PET scan images.

For a new Spectral CT machine, we challenge the user with an intriguing story line of two individuals with the same diagnosis, and then let manipulate the images to visualize the product benefits—instead of just reading about a new product and its benefits.

They’re two responsive design experiences that can be easily viewed on large and small screen resolutions alike, and can be repurposed on kiosk-style touch-screens for events, such as medical trade shows.

The Philips Healthcare clients love the work and have referred to it as a ‘bright star’ initiative. Their initial feedback from customers is that they find the experiences to be very valuable, intriguing and immersive—great ways to showcase each product’s features and articulate its benefits in a compelling way. The clients plan to use the experience at trade shows this year, and we are currently scoping how to broaden the experiences to include a wider range of images and scenarios.

2016 B2B Website Design Award Winner
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Creative Team

Art Director:
Kit Casey

Web Developer:
Carla Crandall

Creative Director:
Jared Kelleher

Copywriter  :
Emily Morgan

Tech Lead:
Joe Morgan

Designer :
Sarah Peng

Account Manager :
Matt Thompson

Pete Tschudy

UX Designer :
Qianru Zhang

Project Manager:
Benjamin Zanghi

Web Developer:
Joe Carpeninto

Art Director:
Tom Kershaw

UX Designer :
Linda Mateos

Project Manager:
Annie Truong



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