Peyoung Chocolate Yakisoba Giri

Food & Beverage

Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Project Title: Peyoung Chocolate Yakisoba Giri
Client or Class Name: Maruka Foods -

Peyoung Chocolate Yakisoba Giri
(Almost Chocolate flavored Yakisoba)

Hybrid foods combining different materials have become popular.
This product is a new kind of fried noodle combining yakisoba and chocolate.
Imagine: It is like chocolate-tasting spaghetti.
We designed the new yakisoba like a chocolate package.
The theme is “taste and design are almost chocolate.
“In Japan, women present chocolate to men on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.
The product concept is to incorporate yakisoba into this culture.
By having a huge presence on SNS and YOUTUBE, this product made a breakthrough in the instant noodles market.

2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Art Director:
Manabu Miya

Eriko Fukagawa

Asuka Nomoto

Hase Kouhei

Tomoko Kitagawa

Executive producer:
Shinichi Naruke

Creative Team:
Noodles Design

Photography Studio:
Harimazaka Studio


2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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