Pepsi Smart Cooler

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Project Title: Pepsi Smart Cooler
Client or Class Name: Pepsico -

The Pepsi Smart Cooler elevates a cooler to an advanced digital device. The digital content allows consumers to engage with PepsiCo brands, and it can be updated remotely in real time for special offers. Its sleek design frames the semi-transparent LCD screen in the door, and the products inside the cooler. The cooler’s minimalist yet approachable form stands out at point of sale and conveys the perception of quality to the very detail. The integrated pocket handle and panel grille are key to the overall simplistic look and feel.

The Pepsi Smart Cooler design is scalable to various cooler sizes, which makes it a key pillar in the PepsiCo cooler portfolio and the entire PepsiCo digital equipment portfolio. Colors, graphics and digital content can be customized for any PepsiCo brand.


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