Pepsi Homemade Film

Animated Film
Demo or Presentation Video

PepsiCo Design & Innovation (USA)

Project Title: Pepsi Homemade Film
Client or Class Name: PepsiCo, SodaStream -

2x Award Winner:

Gold Award – Animated Film Design
Silver Award – Demo/Presentation Video

Pepsi and SodaStream teamed up to give consumers the customizable experience they wanted: great tasting soda made fresh. Pepsi’s century of soda perfecting united with SodaStream’s unique ability to allow consumers to make it their way. The result was Pepsi Homemade: “created by us, made by you.”

Homemade allows everyone to craft a Pepsi where and when they want with quality ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, blending flavor and sparkling water to their preference. Making your own drinks means less storage and more convenient shopping. And the instant transformation of water to soda feels a little bit magical.

The design language of the pods, bottles and packaging is clean, light and joyous. It’s based on two basic shapes: a drop and a circle. The Pepsi globe recurs in the shape of the pods, the simple logo treatment and in graphic silhouettes that resemble bubbles. The bottles have a subtle drop shape, which is echoed in a cutout on the packaging. The font of the Pepsi Homemade logo has a hand-scribbled, human feel that emphasizes the homespun quality of the product.

The stop-motion video features whimsical cut-paper domestic objects and demonstrates step by step how Pepsi Homemade works, highlighting how easy and fun it is to make.


Creative Team

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Cris Wiegandt & Ollanski



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