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Project Title: Pepsi Challenge China
Client or Class Name: PepsiCo -

The Pepsi Challenge illustrations aimed to inspire youth to challenge themselves to do more and follow the “Live for Now” spirit.

The goal of the Pepsi Challenge was to dramatize the spirit of the Pepsi challenge campaign, by unleashing the wealth of talent among China’s entrepreneurs, designers, athletes, filmmakers, technologists, and musicians, leveraging a boldness that reflects China’s new generation.

Each can was created as a uniquely styled piece of themed art. Each hand crafted illustration was developed to resonate emotionally encompassing the themes of sports, movies, music, design, technology and entrepreneurship.

The artistic direction is in line with the Pepsi’s daring vision of “Live for Now”, creating an aspirational brand experience that connects with Chinese youth aimed to fundamentally blend “illustrative art” within the context of packaging design. The elegant design created a new benchmark in the China market – a collectable series to challenge the category to raise the bar.

2015 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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PepsiCo Design & Innovation

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2015 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner 2015 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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