Penance In Vino Veritas label

Food & Beverage

Banfi Vintners (USA)

Project Title: Penance In Vino Veritas label
Client or Class Name: Penance - n/a

Create a wine that capitalizes on and competes within the ‘dark’ red blend space with a powerful label that supports a powerful brand name:  Penance In Vino Veritas (translation: in wine is truth).

Tone: Enticing, dark, mystical, deeper meaning, masculine,religious undertone but not polarizing.

Personality: Intriguing and Powerful. A conversation starter.  This label is less about region and more about personality and creativity.

Design Objectives (design strategies that support the businessobjectives):

  • Attention grabbing
  • Gothic / religious undertone
  • Penance – in the catholic religion is a repentance of sin. Atonement. The truth will set you free. In vino veritas, translates to in wine is truth.  The connection is that the Truth will set you free.

2019 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Colette Wild

Brand Director:
Sandra Krut



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