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    Opus B Brand Design (Poland)

    Project Title: Norr Sno
    Client or Class Name: Opus B Brand Design - https://branddesign.opusb.pl


    Sno means a cold wind of Scandinavian fjords. Very powerful in its nature, it may even cause small tornadoes. Its immense wind power may quickly reduce temperature by even 20°C. Norr SNO – a self-cooling alcohol brand – has been inspired by this force of nature. Using the phenomenon of physical change of state of gases, it reduces the temperature of alcohol by 15°C within just 60 seconds, regardless of where we are.

    The attractive cooling process and an icy mist going through the inside of the bottle creates a magic show. Upon turning the base by 90 degrees, the container with gas is opened and the gas escapes to the tunnel leading to the outlet of the package. By transforming from liquid to gas, it derives energy from the surroundings, thus cooling the bottle.

    Norr SNO is brand that uses innovative packaging. The spectacular physical process enables immediate cooling regardless of external conditions. It is a proposal of a new category for strong alcohols – the “to go” category.

    Norr SNO is for young and active people who do not like limitations. They appreciate solutions which give them the sense of freedom. They are fond of gadgets and intrigued by technological novelties. That’s how they live a fast and intensive life, full of thrills.

    2018 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Graphic Designer:
    Paweł Organ

    Graphic Designer:
    Marcin Górski

    Brand Design Director:
    Paweł Frej


    2018 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner 2018 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner 2018 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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