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Project Title: National Resources Website
Client or Class Name: National Resources -

National Resources Website
National Resources, a real estate & investment firm, commissioned Mermaid, Inc. to develop a new identity and visual messaging strategy across multiple platforms: their Visual Identity, a marketing Investors Book, and a Responsive Website. The new materials needed to showcase their specialization in preserving historic buildings, and in re-developing industrial sites to transform them into unique living spaces & workplaces.

Working closely with the client, we identified the core of what they do and broke it out into 4 main components: Create, Live, Work & Sustain. We then structured the website around those 4 components. One of their key concepts is the use of sustainable & recycled materials, which we represented through the use of stone, wood & metal textures in the site’s menu. To feature their impressive gallery of developments & communities, we used a “mega” menu design that enables the viewer to see everything they have done at a glance & quickly visit different sections of the site. This menu style has the added value of keeping the viewers from getting lost in this relatively complex site. With their investors in mind, we included “Stats at a Glance” of their various communities, buildings & parks, that feature interesting & important data like the location, amenities, square feet, acres, infrastructure & walkability score.

The site successfully represents the broad scope & high quality of the firm’s work, raising the client’s profile and differentiating them from their competitors.

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2018 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Sharon McLaughlin

Web & UI Director:
Bart McLaughlin

Marketing Director:
Lauren Calabria



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