• Mythical Creatures?

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    Randi Wolf Design (USA)

    Project Title: Mythical Creatures?
    Client or Class Name: Delaware Museum of Natural History - www.delmnh.org

    While it’s true that mythological creatures like unicorns don’t exist, there are so many fascinating animals that actually do.

    The Elephant Bird and the Bearded Dragon are just two prime examples of animals you can learn all about at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. The covers of each of these Direct Mail cards playfully show a tongue-in-cheek “visual translation” of these creatures’ names, followed by images of the actual animals on the inside.

    The “wordplay” is continued throught the campaign, even on the outer envelopes – with whimsically imaginative words like “Phantasmagorical” – yes that actually is a word – go ahead, Google it!  A simulated “fun facts” card about the animals, as well as infographics about the museum, both add a touch of intellectual interest – with the aim of inspiring donors to make contributions to the museum’s annual fund…in the hopes that these recipients will be excitedly entertained and “incredibly amazed!”

    2017 Direct Mail Campaign Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director / Graphic Designer / copywriter:
    Randi Wolf

    Director of Development, Delaware Museum of Natural History:
    Darcie Martin

    CRW Graphics



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