MTV Video Music Awards 2014


MTV On-Air Promos (USA)

Project Title: MTV Video Music Awards 2014
Client or Class Name: MTV -



The Video Music Awards is an encapsulation of MTV as a whole: unexpected execution, unique talent, and boundary-pushing content. It’s not just about the music, but the spectacle surrounding it—and our audience gathers with great expectations. The 2014 VMA “They Are Coming” campaign was geared towards creating a unique energy and the anticipation of something epic. Design drew on the concept of controlled visual chaos. The tagline “They Are Coming” was simultaneously loud and conspiratorial—a bold statement in bold type designed to entice and invite viewers to MTV’s biggest night of the year. Accompanied by the raucous riff from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” the wild imagery of the campaign captured the essence of the Video Music Awards: Disruptive. Subversive. Intriguing. Inviting. BIG.


Creative Team

EVP, MTV Marketing & Creative:
Tina Exarhos

SVP, MTV On-Air Promos:
Amy Campbell

SVP, Head of Design:
Jeffrey Keyton

VP, On-Air Design:
Romy Mann

VP, Strategy, On-Air Promos:
Lauren Epstein

Executive Producer:
Kris Walter

Creative Director:
Andrew Ferguson

Project Manager:
Jill Crawford

Project Manager:
Irene Adsuar

Production Manager:
Lisa Nussbaum

Art Director:
Michelle Russell

Senior Art Director:
Catherine Chesters

Timothy Livezey

Supervising Producer:
Susannah Nilosek

Animator (Apple, Video of the Year):
Brian McGee

Jay Culliton / Great City Productions

Producer (Laundry List):
Katie Moore

Editor (Laundry List):
Brendan Beecy / Great City Productions



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