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Project Title: MTV Jams ID’s
Client or Class Name: MTV -

MTV Jams launched in 2002 as a 24-hour hip-hop, rap and R&B music channel. For the 2013 evolution of the brand, the question we faced in marketing the channel’s content was how to graphically showcase the hip-hop stars featured on the channel in an unexpected and disruptive way? In stark contrast to the “gangsta –glamour” of the average hip-hop video, these MTV Jams ID spots redefined the visual vernacular of hip hop culture towards a modern and minimalistic approach. Reinventing the notion of a moving portrait, we increased brand awareness within the hip-hop community and to our core audience at large with these out-of-the-box channel IDs.


Creative Team

SVP, Head of Design, MTV On-Air Design/Off-Air Creative:
Jeffrey Keyton

VP, MTV On-Air Design:
Romy Mann

Director, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Thomas Berger

Line Producer, MTV On-Air Promos:
Jeff Woodton

Producer, MTV On-Air Design:
Paul McAfee

Editor/Animator, MTV On-Air Design:
Tim Livezey

Animator, MTV On-Air Design:
Angelo Avlonitis

Designer, MTV On-Air Design:
Chris Alborano

Director of Photography:
Zeus Morand



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