• MTL Core Values Video

    Creative Firm Self Promotion

    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: MTL Core Values Video
    Client or Class Name: McCann Torre Lazur - www.mccanntorrelazur.com

    Deciding that our agency needed to see itself for all that it really is, McCann Torre Lazur set out and to show that giving our all should also mean embracing those things that make us love what we do. Through an agency-wide survey, what was once an agency personality built on intensity became our new brand, 3 core values defined by all instead of a few: Ideas Worth Fighting For, We vs I, and Winning Spirit.

    2016 Creative Firm Film Design Award Winner
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    Creative Team

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Sr Copywriter:
    Adam Swider

    Art Supervisor:
    Cara Snell

    ACD, Copy:
    Jason Coleman



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