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Mobile Applications


Project Title: Mia Journeys App
Client or Class Name: Mia (Minneapolis Institute of Art) - new.artsmia.org

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Minneapolis Institute of Art, we set out to transform the way members engage with Mia’s world-class collection. The Mia Journeys App allows users to create and share trips through the museum that are personally curated, personally relevant and personally rewarding.

Unlike most museum apps, we deliberately designed Mia Journeys as a way to get members to visit, look up and engage with art they might not otherwise have sought out. The interface is fluid but structured so it can flex to emphasize the most relevant features without demanding much attention. Touch-based interactions make dynamic use of constrained smartphone space.

The Mia Journeys app is helping Mia modernize how the public interacts with museums in a way that respects the way digital media has changed consumer expectations while retaining the museum as the core of the experience.


Creative Team

Creative Director:
John Biondi

Associate Creative Director:
Todd Zerger

Senior Designer:
Drew Lindvedt

Senior Art Director:
Amy Martin

Associate Creative Director:
Mark Wagner



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