• MHNJ: Kill the Cliche


    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: MHNJ: Kill the Cliche
    Client or Class Name: McCann Health NJ - mccanntorrelazur.com

    Situation Analysis: You’ve seen them before. A happy smiling patient walking on the beach. A bird flying through the sky. The flick of a switch turning on the light. Yes, those are just some of the clichés found in healthcare advertising.

    Research/Planning:We went on a mission to see just how many unoriginal ideas were really out there. Using AdPharm we searched, organized, and categorized. What rose to the top were the following: 6000 birds, 4100 happy patients, 2400 roads and pathways, 1500 nature, and 1300 light ads.

    Target Audience: The healthcare advertising industry—but specifically creatives who work in this space every day.

    Objectives:To find an innovative way to showcase the most clichéd ideas in healthcare advertising and bring those clichés to the forefront. Thus—enlighten creatives young and old to retire these ideas and conjure original thinking.

    Strategic Insight: The unfortunate truth is clichés are out there. Sometimes you don’t even realize an idea is cliché until you do the research and see for yourself.

    Creative Execution: Armed with the knowledge of these unoriginal ideas, we knew we had to create a warning to all creatives to help them avoid the pitfalls of the predictable. We had to kill the cliché. We took these stale ads and flipped them on their head, creating a poster series and teaser for each overused ad.

    For the teaser ads, how did we kill the cliché? We put up a roadblock, took the smile from patients’ faces, burned down the tree, clipped the birds’ wings, and shattered the lightbulb. The typography and black-and-white art are reminiscent of an Edgar Allen Poe style to emphasize our concept. The logo lockup is in a distressed style that symbolizes the weathered idea.

    For the posters, we upleveled the traditional collageby creating a 3D rendering of the central cliché and wrapping the numerous ads around it. This gives the viewer the overwhelming sensation of the vast amount of ads. Each poster is uniquely breaking apart to demonstrate how the clichés should fade away.

    The headlines took on a sarcastic undertone to show the irony in a beautiful cliché. The body copy explains the series intent to the viewer.

    Response/results (including a source from metrics): Kill the Cliché is an industry-recognized inventive poster series that has been shared across the globe. It has been well-received by all who have seen it. We hope it continues to build strength and carry the profound message: Kill the Cliché!

    2018 Poster Series Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    President/Creative Director:
    Marcia Goddard

    Art Director:
    James Grill

    Senior Copywriter:
    Andrea Herrmann

    Copy Writer:
    Dane Gianarkis

    Senior Art Director:
    Elaine Clarkson

    Copy Supervisor:
    Asaari Karkhanis

    Senior Project Coordinator:
    Brittany Ryan



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