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McCann Health New Jersey (USA)

Project Title: MHNJ “Create Amazing” Website
Client or Class Name: McCann Health New Jersey -

OBJECTIVE: Coming off the massive success of 2017 that included achieving Category One status, launching 15 brands, winning more than 20 awards from major shows, and moving into a large, beautiful workspace, McCann Torre Lazur wanted to reveal in a BIG way its new name (McCann Health New Jersey—or MHNJ), new full-service offering (consumer to professional), andnew branding. The first step was to revamp its online presence with a website that truly reflected the MHNJ mission and mantra: CREATE AMAZING.

THE WEBSITE: In January, MHNJ launched its redesigned, rebranded, reinspired website, stating loud and clear to both clients and candidates that “there is nowhere our brains won’t stretch to create amazing.”The vibrant graphics on the site, paired with the bold language and immersive parallax experience, strongly convey MHNJ’s 40-year history and reputation of unflinchingly taking on new challenges and delivering fearless, groundbreaking healthcare communications. The site asks visitors, “In the new world of healthcare, why limit yourself? Why just build brands when you can create amazing?” It then continues to say, “Nothing thrills us more than finding the most creative solutions to the healthcare problems we all see every day,” urging fellow risk takers and game changers to seek out MHNJ, whether they are interested clients or potential teammates.Rounding out the site are a splashy announcement of the agency’s recent Ad Age “Best Places to Work” award win, as well as links to MHNJ’s social media presence, showcasing its fun, friendly environment.

WHAT’S NEXT: Key metrics show impressive impact—on average, daily visits to the website have increased 150%. Additionally, the revamped site resulted in a substantial uptick in new business acquisition opportunities for the agency. In the spirit of tirelessly creating amazing, additional updates are already slated, including an exciting video that brings to life the create amazingmentality. In short, MHNJ prides itself on making a meaningful difference and delivering the most impressive experience for client partners and team members alike—and its rebranded website reflects this wholeheartedly.

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2019 Self Promotion Website Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Marcia Goddard

VP, Director, Engagement:
Gordon Clark

Associate Creative Director, Copy:
Diana Krulik-Bentzen

Group Art Supervisor:
Chris Moniello

Senior User Experience Architect:
Jai Brinkofski

User Experience Architect:
Sara Reffler



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