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    Project Title: Merry Ambigumas
    Client or Class Name: SapientNitro - www.sapientnitro.com/en-us.html#home

    2x Winner – Platinum Award Digital Billboard & Gold Award Ambient Media

    The 2015 Chicago SapientNitro party planning committee was tasked with creating a unique holiday party experience that entertained and inspired employees and party goers.

    The SapientNitro holiday party took place at one of Chicago’s most iconic cocktail bars – The Violet Hour. The exterior of the venue has become home to artwork by a rotating list of artists, as the bar hides behind a 40-foot art wall.

    To welcome our employees and help create the atmosphere for our holiday party, we took over this wall.

    We wanted to share a message with the city of Chicago that had nothing to do with Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukkah. Because SapientNitro is such a diverse agency, made up of individuals from all walks of life, religions and backgrounds, we wanted to share a message of inclusion.

    With that in mind, Merry Ambigumas was born.

    We created an art installation to entertain and excite the SapientNitro holiday party attendees, as well as Chicago residents. We collaborated with a local artist to create a piece that conveyed the holiday spirit while feeling authentic to the neighborhood. We then partnered with the SapientNitro Internet of Things Lab to bring the artwork to life through an interactive experience of touch and illuminated animations.

    We worked with a local artist to create a hand lettered design to bring to life our holiday message… “We wish you a satisfactory December, and good vibes spanning 365 days.”

    Once the design was created, we printed a stencil, wheat pasted the stencil, painted, wired and lit up the message over the course of 3 days.

    It grabbed attention, delighted neighborhood residents, initiated engagement, and warmed spirits.


    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Stephanie Ayoob

    Andrea Langley

    Jack Minogue

    Peter Corey

    Associate Creative Director:
    Joshua Koenig

    Kai Hansen

    Technologist :
    Pasindu Wewegama

    Manager, Technology:
    Peter Binggeser

    Director of Technology:
    TJ McLeish

    Erika Pokraka

    Asst. Producer:
    Jessica Buhrman

    Asst. Producer:
    Joe Pokraka

    Business Development:
    Catherine Slack

    Louis Palacios

    VP, Midwest Business Lead:
    Adrian Slobin

    General Manager, Chicago:
    Andrew Schultz

    Video Producer:
    Ariel Bellumio

    Video Producer:
    Diana Aleman



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