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Project Title: Mental Health Practice Re-brand & Website
Client or Class Name: Integrated Care Clinic -

Integrated Care Clinic provides Mental Health and Personal Growth counseling toclients of all ages in St. Petersburg, Florida. ROI Ampli ed was tasked with rebrandingand restructuring the goals and user experience of Integrated Care Clinic’s website.ICC was at a crossroads with the structure of their services — wanting to o er not only mental health, but personal growth counseling as well. ROI Ampli ed presented a newlogo, colors and brand based on this new demographic.

The logo was designed to represent the integration of mental health and personal growth. The light blue side of the icon contains the outline of a brain that representsmental health. This blue was chosen speci cally for its calming feeling and hopeful tone. The yellow side of the icon contains a leaf which represents personal growth. Yellow was the chosen color for this side of the business conveying the same sense ofhopefulness that the blue shows, as well as happiness and warmth.

This same idea of blue and yellow was carried into the design of their new website. We wanted a clear path for clients to choose the second they arrived at the website — mental health or personal growth. There are multiple services that ICC o ers below thetwo main areas. In order to showcase and set these apart throughout the site — andother marketing materials — we came up with two sets of custom icons.

Yes, icons and a new logo can emulate very well through marketing materials, but what about other design elements? Photography and imagery is an integral part of the ICC brand. Each service was assigned a speci c set of images to represent it’s speci c message. The photos were then overlaid with a slight faded e ect, playing into the logoconcept of calmness and hopefulness.

Overall, we developed the logo, imagery and colors to ensure a seamless brand was portrayed across multiple platforms from their website to digital ads.

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2018 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


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Creative Director:
Jenn Wolf

Jonathan Sellers

Zack Bowlby