• McCann Echo Torre Lazur ‘Mix n’ Match’ Holiday Card

    Creative Firm Self Promotion

    McCann Echo (USA)

    Project Title: McCann Echo Torre Lazur ‘Mix n’ Match’ Holiday Card
    Client or Class Name: McCann Echo Torre Lazur - www.mccannechotl.com

    Campaign Objectives

    • Wish our clients a happy holiday season in a meaningful way
    • Help a charitable organization
    • Communicate to the client the selections available to help the organization
    • Foster our caring, collaborative, and creative identity

    Creative Strategy

    For 9 years, we’ve given our clients a gift card to DonorsChoose.org, an online charity that helps public classrooms in need. The charm of the program is the donors’ ability to pick the classroom they want to fund. For instance, the full donation amount could go to a 5th-grade science class, or some of the donation could go to the 5th-grade science class so that the rest can go to a 3rd-grade reading class. The choice is theirs.

    This year, we paraded the possibilities with a “mix and match” book in which the tops and bottoms of the pages were interchangeable. The clients received wishes, had a little fun, and made a difference…all during the busiest time of the year.


    This year, we had 89 new donors (a 28 person increase from last year). Our response rate was 44.2%, nearly doubling the rate from 2010.

    2014 Self Promotion Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    EVP, Executive Creative Director:
    Juan Ramos

    Group Art Supervisor:
    Michael Roznowski

    Senior Copywriter:
    Theresa Pecoraro

    Senior Graphic Designer:
    Jenna Familletti

    Senior Design Specialist:
    Harold Wilson



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