• Make way for an ambulance


    Big Idea Academy (South Korea)
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    Project Title: Make way for an ambulance
    Client or Class Name: Big Idea Academy - No website

    1. Background

    In modern society, there are tons of traffic because many people have their own cars. When an ambulance gets stuck in a traffic jam, it would give the other drivers a sign to ask to make way. Despite the attempt, no drivers have a tendency to make way for it.

    1. Idea

    We thought over a method to learn a lesson through a game. I’am sure that everyone has played a puzzle game. So we decided to use the game where you can easily make a right picture. There is a puzzling picture of cars on the puzzle. If you make a right picture, you can see cars to make way for an ambulance.

    2015 Student Poster Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Choi, Subok

    Art Director:
    Kim, Hanpil

    Choi, Pilsang

    Art Director:
    Jeon, Hyejung



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