• Magic Circus Machine

    Digital OOH - Display/POP
    Digital Display/POP

    Ricardo Goeldner (United States)

    Project Title: Magic Circus Machine
    Client or Class Name: ECE - Shopping Centers - www.ece.com/en/company/real-estate/shopping-centers/

    2x Bronze Award Winner

    Problem: most old or suburban malls are empty (around the world).

    How can we attract people to visit empty suburban shopping malls?

    That is why we created a mobile “Magic Circus Machine.” The Magic Circus Machine is an interactive challenging booth combined with a Kinect camera and a vending machine.

    It is a new particular interaction booth which is able to instantly spit out the prize you’ve won.

    The outstanding design makes it much more special and brings it into your life via social media campaigns.

    People get curios about it. Especially the fact that everybody – no matter which age – can instantly win prizes.

    The Magic Circus Machine drives people exited – in that way they are willing to visit the shopping mall.

     Arousal of emotions & curiosity:
    -Benefits (Entertainment and Prizes),
    -Unique individual product (Novelty),
    -Action (Games),
    -Excitement (Random automatism),
    -Recommendations/Worth of mouth,
    -Outstanding hand crafted design,
    -Different characters bring the product to life

    The Game: People randomly get a task. It can be a brain or sport game. The user gets a certain time to solve the task.

    Impressive Look: Unique illustration and hand drawn animation.

    The overall design is a combination of old-retro and new-modern styles:
    a) old traditional circus-fun park design of the booth – underlined by hand drawn animated illustrations.
    b) new-modern character is obvious by the screen and built-in technology.

    Entertainment: User get randomly selected tasks. Sport games are just funny to watch and the brain games are interesting because the audience can participate in guessing.

    Marketing Campaigns

    The outstanding design and different characters are ideal conditions to share stories online to get people excited. It is very flexible.



    Creative Team

    Creative Director, Art Director Interactive, Illustrator:
    Ricardo Goeldner