LPA Inc. Website

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Fahrenheit Studio (United States)

Project Title: LPA Inc. Website
Client or Class Name: LPA Inc. - https://lpadesignstudios.com

LPA Inc. is a sustainable design architecture firm with six offices across California and Texas. Their new site showcases a dynamic portfolio of Projects searchable by expertise, services or region, and an extensive Insights library with articles, news, and videos. It also features innovative Playlists curated by team members around specific architectural design ideas or concepts, establishing LPA a creative thought leader in its field.

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2019 B2B Website Design Award Winner

Judge Commentary: “Lots of well organized content. Great calls to action. Good work on pulling people through with more opportunities to explore. Excellent photography.”


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Dylan Tran

Creative Director:
Robert Weitz

Melinda Smith

Front-End Developer:
Kaz Alvis

Back-End Developer:
Ben Parizek

Back-End Developer:
Stephanie Kartzmark