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Project Title: LookDifferent.org
Client or Class Name: MTV - www.mtv.com

2015 Public Service Website Design Award Winner
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MTV’s “Look Different” campaign helps America’s youth better recognize and challenge hidden racial, gender and anti-LGBT biases, empowering them to create a more equal future. Bias is defined as a tendency to believe that some people or things are better than others, which usually results in treating people unfairly. While Millennials are widely considered the most diverse and tolerant generation in history, 94% see bias in their lives and eight in ten believe bias is at the root of a lot of the world’s problems. Today, discrimination can be quite subtle—and most young people feel illequipped to respond when they see it. Look Different is here to support our audience in reaching towards a world without prejudice.

The lookdifferent.org campaign hub, Twitter, and tumblr help young people recognize bias, while providing resources they can use to challenge bias when they see it. Digital tools include a custom Implicit Association Test, a quiz featuring celebrities, designed to unearth unconscious biases; a Racial Bias Cleanse that delivers scientifically-grounded exercises to help people unlearn biases; a panel of celebrities, experts, and young people that responds to audience questions; and more.


Creative Team

President, MTV :
Stephen Friedman

EVP, MTV Marketing & Creative:
Tina Exarhos

SVP, MTV On-Air Promos:
Amy Campbell

VP, Strategy, MTV On-Air Promos :
Lauren Epstein

SVP, MTV Head of Design:
Jeffrey Keyton

SVP, MTV Connected Content :
Colin Helms

VP, MTV Audience Growth & Engagment :
Thomas Fishman

VP, Digital Production, mtv.com :
Sophia Rai

VP, MTV Public Affairs :
Ronnie Cho

VP, MTV Public Affairs:
Noopur Agarwal

Sr Manager, MTV Public Affairs :
Casey Acierno

Sr Director, MTV Communications:
Mariana Agathoklis

Coordinator, MTV Communications:
Stephanie Perez

VP, MTV Strategic Research & Insights:
Luke Hales

VP, MTV Insights Innovation:
Alison Hillhouse

SVP, Music and Celebrity Talent, MTV:
Joanna Bomberg

SVP, MTV Talent & Series Development:
Jessica Zalkind

VP, MTV Business & Legal Affairs, MTV:
Janet Abrams

Partner, Cohesive Creative and Code, Inc.:
Neal White

Partner, Cohesive Creative and Code, Inc.:
Arend Miller

Partner, Cohesive Creative and Code, Inc.:
Mike Tyer

Senior Art Director, Cohesive Creative and Code, Inc.:
Chris Corkery


2015 Public Service Website Design Award Winner 2015 Public Service Website Design Award Winner 2015 Public Service Website Design Award Winner 2015 Public Service Website Design Award Winner


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