Look Different

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MTV On-Air Promos (USA)

Project Title: Look Different
Client or Class Name: MTV - www.mtv.com

MTV’s “Look Different” campaign helps America’s youth better recognize and challenge hidden racial, gender and anti-LGBT biases, empowering them to create a more equal future. The “Broken Glass” PSA campaign reveals the hidden pain young people experience when faced with “microaggressions” like “What up, Bin Laden?” and “You’re pretty for a dark girl.” The PSAs help young people decipher these common biased remarks that they may unknowingly make.

In line with our goal of inspiring ongoing and evolving discussions about bias among our viewers, our campaign also addressed how bias plays out in real-life current events. For example, in response to the nationwide debate on race ignited by the shooting of Michael Brown and the subsequent unrest in Ferguson, MO, we created a short but poignant spot to acknowledge the events of Ferguson and direct viewers to our lookdifferent.org site where they could learn more about recognizing and combating bias.

Judge Commentary

  • smart, well executed and helping the world learn to see better (and hopefully as a result be better, do better). bravo!
  • This has the potential for a great campaign but was let down by some very cheesy live action spots. The acting wasn’t great and just looked and felt quite cringe worthy.

    However in saying that the sound design,  sound effects and music were excellent. Plus both bi and ferguson spots were well thought out with some great sound effects. Just a real shame that the live action spots brought this project down a bit.


Creative Team

EVP, Marketing & Creative:
Tina Exarhos

SVP, MTV On-Air Promos:
Amy Campbell

SVP, Head of Design:
Jeffrey Keyton

VP, On-Air Design:
Romy Mann

VP, Strategy, On-Air Promos:
Lauren Epstein

Creative Director / Director:
Sophia Cranshaw

Senior Project Manager:
Jessica Ameri

Writer / Art Director:
Desmond Williams

Writer / Associate Producer:
JaSaun Buckner

Senior Producer:
Tina Corrado

Amy Vadnais

Dzifa Yador

Designer / Art Director:
Ana Sanchez

Dana Jefferson

Director of Photography:
Jon Hokanson

Gala Verdugo / FIN

Dave Hnatiuk

Original Music/Sound Design:
Drew Yowell

Special Effects:



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